Old Trusthorpe Road, Sutton on Sea, Lincolnshire, LN12 2LL
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About Us

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The Church was Established by the late Henry Strawson and we are now celebrating our 67th Anniversary in 2018. From our small beginning the church is now twice its size with additional buildings having been added over the years, including a Baptistry which is used from time to time by other churches in the area as well as our own. We have a church hall, fully carpeted with central heating installed. It has been equipped with showers, wash-basins and toilets enabling groups of young people with their leaders to have a holiday by the sea. A fully equipped kitchen is also provided with all facilities for providing hot and cold meals. The only thing the young people need to bring is their sleeping bag. They can enjoy many outside activities available to them in the surrounding area during their stay. The hall is available too for week-end groups and day seminars.

Also during the early and later summer months, we are open to receive parties who in coming to the area for a day’s outing , we welcome Church Groups. We Host Choirs and the Beach Missions which are United Beach Missions and Scripture Union.

May God Bless all who come as we welcome them in Jesus Name. We are now a Multi Ministry who receive Preachers and Representatives of Various Worldwide and Local Ministries and we are Christ Centred so please pray for our Vision to grow as we trust only in our God and in his Word The Lord Jesus (Yeshua)