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Therefore, righteous anger is that godly attitude of condemnation and judgment of that which contradicts the character and will of God.
So we should be angry not with a person but the Sin that they are displaying, I think as a leader of a church it can be much more difficult and challenging, do you take action or do just let it go, sadly I have experienced and observed many times in the past in this church and others that letting ungodly behavior continue will cause more problems and can bring division and discord.
For example somebody could be lying about someone and you know it is not true.
Perhaps someone is continuely Gossiping for years and years about their harms and against members of the Body of Christ which is not helping them in their spiritual growth so therefore it is not benefitting anyone.
Maybe somebody is being critical of the church but are bringing in false teachings and theories and refuses to listen to your advice to keep to the word of God. Or a person is always being Judgemental and finding fault with others in the Congregation or even Brothers and Sisters outside. A lot of these problems come back to pride fooling ourselves into thinking we are better than others and we are more powerful Christians, WHAT FOLLY, I say be careful my friend as Pride comes before a fall and sadly many go that way and fall from God’s Grace.
Well I believe it is right to act out of love and show Righteous Anger if necessary for the sake of the person who needs correction also for the sake of the people who are being targeted if this is the case, for the sake of Christian Unity and for God’s Glory and purpose.
On the other hand if these matters are dealt with in an unworthy manner out of Selfishness, Pride or pure anger then this is ungodly and God has every right to deal with it accordingly, Yes me included.
Our main desire is to want people to be more Christlike as we are all called to be as this is my desire and i know i fail but sadly sometimes we make the same mistakes over and over again, if nobody helps us or points these things out, maybe we will never change and therefore not grow because of our own stumbling blocks.
Yes we can look at the church and see all of its failings even though it wants to be obedient, we can judge the Leadership but could we really do better, we can say that the church should be more loving but how loving are we, we can choose to go our own way but what would Jesus prefer us to do as he is our Head and he desires unity.
Everyone in the Congregation is important to God and is required for service maybe it is a big calling or a smaller purpose but everyone is loved the same in the Body of Christ. Hopefully we can work together as we often do in this fellowship, loving one another unto good works, not forsaking our fellowship but rather cherishing our times together, supporting one another in prayer and love for this is our main calling. When those outside see and feel the love we have for one another they will wonder and be won over by the love of our Lord Jesus Christ as we should be servants of the Living God, no more, no less let us consider our Brother or Sister more important than ourselves and NOT be like the world.
It is so easy to find fault especially when we are looking for them but as Christians we should desire to see the good things in our Brothers and Sisters, Love what is loveable, see beyond the faults and choose to encourage and edify so we can work together for the Glory Of God.
I said recently to somebody that I can not always be the leader you want me to be in fact I am not always the leader I want to be BUT I want to be the leader my Lord and Savior wants me to be because Jesus called me against my will and that is the TRUTH as he made it possible for me to serve him here in this position but I know it is for a season and seasons come and go but I will stay as long as I am told to and will do anything in line with God’s will to keep the love and unity in this church no matter what people do ,think or say.
God Bless You All,